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Home Design & Build

JR Construction will manage your project from start to finish. We offer design services, which includes a full set of plans. Have you already been in contact with an architect? Perfect! We are happy to work closely with your architect to carry out the vision for your project. If you are interested in building your home with JR Construction, just call or email John directly. He will meet with you to discuss your goals; you also will be given the opportunity to see some of our previous projects. This will give us a feel for exactly what you are looking for in a home.

John likes to keep an open line of communication throughout the entire home building process – this is your home and we want you to be happy when it’s done! Do you need help with the interior design? John’s daughter, Amy, owns an interior design company called Villa Decor. Her company is based out of Grand Rapids but she has done multiple jobs in Petoskey. A lot of our clients enjoy working with Amy so if you need a designer, we can certainly put you in contact with her.

If you would like to build a “green” certified home, there are many aspects to consider during the design process. When designing these projects, we have used passive solar design. In other words, you utilize the natural energy characteristics of the lot and the home as much as possible. To learn more about passive solar design, click here.

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A RetroFit Project – a 100-year old home now LOOKS and ACTS like it’s brand new

Prior to initiating your remodel, our crew will inspect for mold, allergens, and air leakages. We will use a Blower Door Test to measure the amount of air leakage (this large fan is placed in your exterior door to decrease the air pressure inside; we can measure the rate of air infiltration). John Plichta is a Certified Green Professional and a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rater.

We can GUT an entire house and change the footprint…while maintaining its charm. This has been especially important for our clients downtown Petoskey – although their homes may be more than 100 years old, they have some special qualities that they don’t want to lose. For example, we have restored windows and incorporated them into a custom built-in bookcase.

It’s no big secret that old homes are energy hogs. They are often poorly insulated so you can expect A LOT of air leakage. We can perform a Blower Door Test and utilize and infrared gun to determine the exact locations of your air leakages. Re-insulating these specific areas can have a big impact on your energy bills. If you’d like to learn more about these services, visit Northern Michigan Energy’s website.



Like you’ve never seen it before.

When JR Construction considers a remodeling project, we don’t just think about the extra space or how the home will look upon completion. We want to figure out how we can improve the performance of your home. Our goal is for you to notice an improvement in air quality (one of our recent clients had an incredible improvement in her allergies upon completion of the remodel), decrease your energy bills, and give you the extra space that you desire.


2009 Green Cottage – this was the first of many projects which JR Construction obtained Green Certification.



Energy Rating Services

As an NAHB Emerald Certified Green Professional, John Plichta is committed to building long-lasting, cost-effective homes. John is also a HERS Rater, while his son, Dan, is a BPI (Building Performance Institute) energy rater. Not only is it important to rate your home at the end of the project (this will be done by a third party in order to obtain green certification) but it’s important for the members of the building crew to know what makes a home “rate” well.

If you are interested in obtaining certification for your future project, you’ll definitely want to let your crew know. There are several verification steps that need to be performed throughout the building process.

For more information on energy rating services, please visit Northern Michigan Energy’s website.


In addition to residential building, JR Construction has experience with commercial properties. We can help you design the footprint of your space to ensure that it meets the needs and allows your business to grow. JR Construction has remodeled many projects including Pallette Bistro, City Park Grill, and Tim Bondy Physical Therapy.