Energy Efficiency

Most homeowners in Michigan struggle during the winter season when their heating bills are going through the roof. JR Construction will work with you to maximize the efficiency of your home – this process begins with the design of your home and will be carried throughout the entire project. Advanced framing techniques are always utilized to minimize the amount of air leakage. And you can discuss the possibility of installing a geothermal unit to heat your home. By installing a geothermal unit, your heating bills will be reduced substantially; its efficiency out-performs fossil fuels by 300-500% without generating carbon dioxide. Another factor that affects energy efficiency is your water heater. When building a green home, a manifold plumbing system is used to conserve water and heat. A control center supplies water to limit the amount of heat loss.

We stand by our principles. Our entire crew is dedicated to make your home as efficient as possible. We attend conferences and we are constantly researching new ways to perfect our techniques. You won’t have to take our word for it….we will have a third party perform performance tests at the completion of the job. You’ll know exactly how your home compares to others. John Plichta is a Certified HERS rater and his son, Dan, is a certified BPI (Building Performance Institute) rater. So we are constantly performing “checks” throughout your job to ensure it’s up to our standards (and yours!). Click here to learn more about the home rating process and why it’s important.

Are you thinking about remodeling? JR Construction can make your home more efficient and significantly decrease your energy bills. We have remodeled homes downtown Petoskey that over over 100 years old. Most clients want to maintain the downtown “charm” but we “retrofit” the home to make it perform like a new one! Click here to view the pictures of one of our downtown “Retrofit” projects.


When building a green home, it is important to use products that are long-lasting. Not only are you decreasing your impact on the environment but you won’t have to constantly worry about replacing parts of your home down the road. We implement pest control by installing insect-proof venting for your soffet. You won’t have to worry about intrusions from mice, wasps, flies, termites, etc.

With our advanced framing techniques and the use of durable products, the home’s life expectancy doubles. The average home has a life expectancy of 75 years; this home is expected to last over 150 years.



liv_rm_1Crooked Lake porch

Indoor Air Quality

One of the benefits of green building is that we can control how your home breathes by installing an ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator). To learn more about ERVs, click here. This exchanges all of the air in your home at specific time intervals , filtering out pollutants including dust, pollen, and pet dander. You can relax knowing that you are breathing fresh, outdoor quality air. We also utilize advanced framing techniques which allow for large amounts of insulation.

During the initial building process, most homeowners are mainly concerned with the aesthetic aspects; paint colors, tile patterns, and carpet swatches. These are, without a doubt, an important part of the design process! But  we want to make sure that homeowners are focused on the building processes to ensure that they are building a healthy home. Air quality is very important to us. And you don’t have to sacrifice the look of your home for clean air.



It may seem like a strange concept to think about how your home performs. But it’s importance should not be overlooked – it increases your energy efficiency, makes your home more durable, and gives you great indoor air quality.

So how is a home’s performance tested? We can use infrared cameras to detect heat loss – this is especially helpful when we are initiating a deep retrofit project. This will tell us where the heat loss is occurring in your home; it can help you make decisions to upgrade your home (would it be more practical to replace your windows or add insulation?). We also use a Blower Door Test – this powerful fan is placed in your exterior door to lower the air pressure inside the home. The “outdoor” air then flows in through leaks and cracks; the blower door test is very effective to measure the air infiltration rate. Visit to learn about the effectiveness of this test!

If you are interested in obtaining information on your current home’s performance, please visit Northern Michigan Energy.


Infrared is used to detect heat loss